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Student Code Of Conduct

All Members guests and visitors must comply with these Rules.


These Rules are incorporated into a Member's Contract with us and compliance with these Rules is important both to maintain the standards at our Club and to enable Members to get full enjoyment from their Membership. Any person who does not comply with these Rules may be ejected from or denied access to a Club or may have their Membership terminated by Meridian Kung Fu if the non-compliance is serious.


We reserve the right to make reasonable amendments to these Rules or our individual Club operational rules at any time. If we do this we will give Members reasonable advance notice by placing the new Rules on a notice board at each Club.


Etiquette plays a very important role within martial arts and this tradition is held within high esteem at our School.


We expect:


Respect for instructors, the Kwoon and fellow Students:

This is shown by demonstrating general good manners and following the etiquette guide lines taught within class: bow when entering and leaving the Kwoon and when addressing your Sifu or fellow Student.


Respect for self:

Good personal hygiene and smart Club uniform is mandatory. Shoddy, dirty or non Club attire will not be admitted to the Kwoon under any circumstance.



Students will not be admitted into class once the session has begun unless by prior arrangement.


Only insured and licensed Members to participate:

Students are expected to ensure their Licence has not expired. We do remind students when licensing is due for renewal and will therefore refuse entry to the Kwoon until renewed.



Students are expected to progress through the grading syllabus in the structured manner. Belt promotions are held three times a year. Students must have a 90% attendance record to be eligible and must be recommended by an Instructor.



Any student absent for a period over two months without good reason will be retro graded to the previous level.

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