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Our Beginners Classes

Our 5 week induction course is structured to teach you the basics of Wing Chun Kuen whilst equipping you with basic self defence techniques which are immediately applicable.  All new beginners will be training with people of the same experience as them during the five week induction course, i.e. EVERYONE WILL BE NEW STUDENTS. Classes are taught in friendly and controlled environment. Students are eased in gradually and never thrown in at the deep end or made to feel uncomfortable. You can train at the pace that suits you and help is always at hand by our trained instructors with patience and understanding.
























Upon completing a beginners course, we have absolute discretion to accept a new student membership application to join the Academy of Self Defence.  After joining the Academy, new student members are encouraged to progress through syllabus and grading system in place.  This provides new student members with goals to work towards and a sense of achievement when progressing from one level to the next.  Adult gradings are held three times a year. 

Your 5 week induction course will cover:


  • Basic principles of Wing Chun Kuen

  • Vital Striking points

  • Quick release techniques from grabs

  • Basic blocks and strikes

  • Basic kicks

  • Basic footwork

  • How to deal with an attacker of greater size and strength


Places must be pre-booked


The classes are held weekly on Monday evenings at 8pm to 9:30pm. Please contact us to reserve your place on our next beginners course and start an incredible journey of martial arts discovery.

Low side knee kick
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